Emergency Types

Get the realities about a wide range of crises that could influence you and your family. Find out about every risk and what ventures to take to manage it.

A crisis can occur whenever and in wherever. Knowing the realities can enable you to be set up for these crises and help you to remain safe.

Natural Emergencies

These incorporate illnesses and additionally organic operators that might be utilized for psychological oppression.

Concoction Emergencies

These incorporate hurtful concoction spills and synthetic compounds that are utilized as a part of demonstrations of fear mongering.

Radiological Emergencies

These are crises including the arrival of radiation that could hurt individuals’ wellbeing.

Climate and Home Emergencies

These are crises including potential dangers, for example, winter climate, outrageous warmth, flooding, or carbon monoxide.

Organic Emergencies

Truth Sheets Related to the Following Topics

Bacillus anthracis (harmful edema, woolsorters’ infection)

Truth Sheet on Cutaneous (Skin) Anthrax

Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

Data about influenza infections that happen normally in feathered creatures. Incorporates connects to related PDFs about feathered creature influenza.

Botulism (nourishment borne botulism and baby botulism)



This page likewise contains a few connects to data about smallpox and the smallpox antibody.

Extra Resources

Bioterrorism Agents/Diseases – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

This site has a start to finish list of operators utilized as a part of bioterrorism.

Flu Pandemic – New York State Department of Health

This site is the place you can discover data about pandemic influenza including arranging and instructive materials.

New York State Health Department/State Police Bio-Terror Prevention Protocols – Protocols for Mail Handling

Direction for organizations and associations on how mail ought to be taken care of if pollution is suspected, including how to identify mail that may contain unsafe substance.

Compound Emergencies

Actuality Sheets Related to the Following Topics

The Facts About Ammonia

The Facts About Chlorine

The Facts About Cyanides

The Facts About Nerve Agents

The Facts About Ricin

Extra Resources

Compound Agents – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This site has a start to finish list of synthetic operators.

Radiological Emergencies

Certainty Sheets Related to the Following Topics

Messy Bombs

This characterizes what a messy bomb is, the thing that its risks are, and what you ought to do on the off chance that you are close to a grimy bomb blast.

Potassium Iodide (KI)

This page incorporates connections to data for the general population about potassium iodide, which is utilized if individuals are presented to radition.

Extra Resources

Radiation Emergencies – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

This site gives data to enable individuals to secure their wellbeing in case of a crisis including the arrival of radiation.

Climate and Home Emergencies

Truth Sheets Related to the Following Topics

Truth Sheet: What You Need to Know about Carbon Monoxide

General data on carbon monoxide: its sources, impacts on the body, and carbon monoxide harming counteractive action.

Keep Your Cool During Summer Heat

This reveals to you what you have to think about the impacts of sweltering climate and what you can do to keep cool.

Extra Resources

Carbon Monoxide – Know the Hazards

Tips on the best way to securely work gear that produces carbon monoxide, data on side effects of carbon monoxide harming, and carbon monoxide indicator direction.

Peril! Utilizing a Generator Indoors Can Kill You in Minutes!

Rules on the best way to utilize a generator securely.

How Close is Too Close for Portable Generators? – National Institute of Standards and Technology (video)

On this site you can see a video on the protected utilization of compact generators.

Chilly Weather Advice

Chilly Weather Tips

Data about how to secure your wellbeing in exceptionally chilly climate, how to securely keep your home warmed, and assets for help if your condo, school, day care, or work is excessively cool for comfort.

Specialist Safety

Specialist wellbeing and wellbeing amid winter storm reaction and recuperation tasks.

Surge Preparedness

This page contains numerous connects to data about what to do previously, amid, and after a surge.

Data on What to Do After a Flood

This spreads uncommon safety measures to take to be sheltered and counteract sickness after a surge.

Sweltering Weather Advice

Connections to sweltering climate wellbeing tips.

Storm Safety Tips – New York State Emergency Management Office

Data and tips about storms and how to get ready for one.

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